Terms and Conditions

  2. Our registration fee of R250 is non-refundable and charged annually. 
  3. Fees are paid in advance for the month ahead, it can be paid via EFT or Cash by no later than the 30th of the month  
  4. Fees increase annually and at the discretion of the swim school. 
  5. Overdue payments will result in a late penalty fee of R50.00 and lessons will be put on hold if no payment has been received by the 7th of the new month.  
  6. Non-payment will result in us handing your account over to debt collection & listed it as a default payer on the National Defaulter Database of the Credit Bureaus. 
  7. Should your account be in arrears, you will not be able to continue with lessons until proof of payment has been provided and lessons missed as a result will not be made up. 
  8. Late or non-payment can result in you losing your booked slot until fees have been settled in full. 
  9. If enrolling after the 7th day of a month, you will be charged the “pay as you swim” rate until moving over to the monthly fee. 
  10. Once the registration fee and forms have been submitted, it is then accepted that the terms and conditions of  
  11. SWIM WITH DORY swim school, as set out, are agreed upon and clearly understood by the signatory on the enrolment form. 
  12. School holidays – the full month’s fees are still due regardless of the swimmer is attending or not.  
  13. Non-attendance is not a form of notice.  

(You are still liable for all fees) 

                 These conditions are NOT negotiable. 



Tanya Tyndale-Biscoe  

Number: 174 614 2616 Branch: 470010 

Reference: swimmers name and surname 

  2. Your contract will continue for an indefinite period until notice is given.  
  3. A full ONE MONTH’S written notice is required in the event of terminating OR if deciding to “take a break” from lessons.  
  4. We DO NOT accept termination letters later than the 7th day of your last swimming month.   
  5. Termination notices will not be accepted if verbal or via WhatsApp, SMS, you must email us in writing. 
  6. Late notices after the 7th, will be carried over to the next month where fees will still be levied.  
  7. Notice will not be accepted for the end of November.  
  8. It may be handed in to stop swimming at the end of December (for the beginning of January)   
  9. You are welcome to swim through your notice period, if you choose not to attend fees are still due in full. 


  1. SWIM WITH DORY does not do makeup lessons unless in the event of an emergency, accident, or hospitalization. 
  2. Lessons cancelled by SWIM WITH DORY will be made up, we do not credit accounts. 
  3. Lessons missed are considered forfeited. 
  4. Please inform us via text, email or phone call should you not be attending on the day. 
  5. Late arrival will mean a shorter lesson. 
  6. Lessons missed cannot be offset against your account, nor can the lessons be used for someone else 



We have implemented our COVID-19 protocols at our facilities to provide a safe environment and promote social distancing for everyone. 

  1. Parents need to adhere to the new rules and regulations on entering the facility 
  • Masks are compulsory for everyone over the age of Temperature checks need to be performed on entry 
  • You must sanitize your hands. 
  • One parent per child* (strictly no spectators please). 
  • Swimmers are to arrive 5mins before or on time for their lesson. lesson and leave within 5mins afterwards. 
  • Swimmers are to please arrive dressed and swim-ready”  
  • Both pools are both heated and currently treated with HTH as the COVID 19 virus cannot live in warm treated water. 
  1. No food or any form of breakables (glass) allowed on the pool deck or in the pool. 
  2. Please do not enter the pool deck while coaching is in progress. Please wait to be called as this can be very distracting for some swimmers. 
  3. Swimming caps are compulsory. Goggles are optional 
  4. Boys must wear tight-fitting swim shorts, girls to wear one-piece costumes. No bikinis 
  5. Any swimmer showing evidence of any communicable skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, cold/flu, nasal, or ear discharge, recovering or has diarrhoea will not be allowed to swim. 
  6. Swimming nappies are compulsory for those not toilet trained. Any faeces that escape the nappy will cause the pool to close immediately and for 72 hours for treatment. Loss of business will be billed to you. 
  7. Jumping on chairs and running around the pool deck is prohibited.  
  8. Please treat all equipment, furniture, and garden with respect. Any equipment that is misused and results in damage or bitten will be charged to your account. 
  9. Neighbours – Avoid walking on their walls, picking their flowers, and parking in driveways. Leave quietly and respectfully. 
  10. Parents are responsible for their children, before and after lessons 
  11. No swimmer is to enter the water unless instructed to do so. 
  12. If your child is sick, please do not attend classes.



  1. We are open throughout the year and offer a wide variety of water FUN activities to keep busy and active. We offer everything from house calls, leisure swimming (bookings subject to pool availability) open water training, fitness training, floating therapy, stroke correction workshops, learn to swim, nanny training, birthday parties, learn to snorkel, beach and tidal pool lessons to crash courses and intensive holiday clinics – there is so much on offer and something for everyone. 
  2. Holiday Swim Clinics/ Crash Course’s will be available throughout the year during the school holidays. This program is highly recommended for those wanting quick results in a short period 
  • Your full months’ swimming fees are still due even if you/your children are not attending lessons.  
  • Lessons cannot be “put on hold” Should you wish to take a break but wish to keep your timeslot for when you return, a monthly retainer fee of 50% will secure your timeslot and a re-joining fee will be charged. We provide more personalised lessons and services, always ready to hop in your pool at a moments notice.

Covid Info and Regulations

Please refer to our covid 19 section in our T&C’s